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Find Your Vibe: Classic Contemporary

So… I have something against the word “transitional”. It feels non-committal to me. Being in transition doesn’t sit well because it often comes with some uncomfortable moments. I like finding a vibe of classic yet contemporary. These are definable words. When I say classic, you say rooted in tradition. When I say contemporary, you say today’s vibe. How do you create this energy in your house? Good question. All design is deep within our souls, it’s organic somewhere. It just takes something, someone (sometimes!) to bring your decorating style to the surface.

Below in this eat-in kitchen, it’s cool, bright, contemporary fabrics, lighting yet warm with the wood tones and handmade glass table base reminiscent of a Red Oak.

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Alterman | Photo by Jessica Glynn

Lighting often defines a space, especially statements pieces like this. I love the more classic ceiling detail with this contemporary fixture. The soft fabrics and the stark white walls create a cool vibe.

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth Alterman | Photo by Jessica Glynn

Modern art takes on many forms. This piece was part of my client’s collection of very diverse artifacts, paintings and photography. The home as a clean backdrop creates a gallery feel for their collection.

Interior Design by Krista Watterworth | Photo by Jessica Glynn

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